Side Bags

This is a hot trend right now, although it’s been around for a while. I rock this side bag look every time I am out and about in a large city because no one can grab your purse and your hands are free to do more shopping !

Eye Shadow

Amazing new ways to decorate eye ?s .The make up team used crystals on the eye. Would you wear this look out this season?

Keep your skin looking radiate and always exfoliate at least once a month? Clean Skin is beautiful and radiate even without make up !

Bottega Louie

No denying Bottega Louie is a destination when you’re in the Downtown LA area but I often avoid it because of how crowded it is and due to the high ceilings and lack of sound proofing, it’s really loud.

Wolf Bane Coat

I am often asked in interviews how I come up with ideas and I only have a few answers to the question:

  • I let the fabric I source influence me on design inspiration. I found this fabric in a very popular fabric store while out shopping with Stylist Ty-Ron Mayes

How to Create a Gift Box Centerpiece

Wow your holiday dinner guests with an eye-catching, nature-inspired gift box centerpiece. Because it’s taller than it is wide, you’ll have plenty of room for a large, festive feast on the table around it.Decorate with a beautiful homemade gift box.

Materials Needed:

  • three packages of sheet moss (available at craft and hobby stores)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 1 1/2″ non-wired ribbon
  • brown Kraft paper, or any other type of gift wrap
  • one holiday floral pick (such as faux greenery with pinecones, available at craft or floral supply shops)
  • two half-sized floral foam bricks
  • seven regular-sized floral foam bricks
  • marker or pen
  • measuring tape

Kathryn Stocketts Book

Kathryn_Stocketts_bookPlease read Kathryn Stocketts book,THE HELP and watch the movie.I went to see this film alone.I often will go to a film alone to just relax and focus on the story and also to learn about something new. The film the Help really moved me and The move is very insightful.

The Killers

The Killer’s are one of my favorite bands. I was heart broken when I read in people Mag that they might break up…They are all family and I hope they can work something out. Who is your favorite Band? write me and let me know.I will check them out?

Color Ideas

I Create my own color ideas and sketch them like this for color trends or ideas to help me sometimes just to see how colors looks next to each other or even to see how I might like accessories like Head pieces for my show La Temptress.